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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

As per the Scorpio predictions, it is highly advised to take care of your health by maintaining a proper diet and performing Yoga every day.

It is also recommended that you meditate every day to relief yourself from all the pressure that you may experience due to overload of work. You may become tired, drained and feel discomfortable because of the extra work, and thus practicing Yoga and working on your health will free you from all the obligations.

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Lastly, you may have some trouble in your relationship status with your friends and family members who are elder to you, as is predicted from your Scorpio horoscope, so be careful and cautious. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register. Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. Home Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope Scorpio Horoscope for Personal Life: You May Undertake Pilgrimage For all the Scorpios, this year may have its own advantages and disadvantages, that you may have to experience as per your Scorpio yearly horoscope.


Scorpio Horoscope Overall rating: 4. Life Meter Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Compatibility Check out how well will your wavelengths with others match. More Subscribe. Please Rate Here!

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Thank you, Your Ratings are recorded! World trends for the year aheadFrom the terrifying tsunami in Japan to the sensational killing of Osama bin Laden to the globalpanic of another impending economic meltdown, has been an extremely eventful year. Whatdoes the year have in store for the world? Read on to find out. Transiting Saturn in Libra- Saturn signifies democracy, so people will be very cautious and more vocal about their rights.

This will create havoc in many so-called-sensitive countries. Saturn will enter Virgo the sign ruled by Mercury due to its retrogression during 16th May to 4th August, This can lead to the dollar, pound and Euro turning extremely volatile. Between April and June, transiting Jupiter will be in the star constellation ruled by Sun, i.

This indicates that there may be major changes in UNOs structure, strategies and modus-operandi along with decisions or declarations by UNO Know the full forecast, Get your Personal copy now! Every step taken by the country and every policy made by the government has a significant impacton the rest of the world. But lately the country has been facing some serious issues, especially thatof the financial meltdown. Read on to find out what the future holds for the USA.

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Strong emphasis in Gemini in the 11th House indicates thediversity of immigrants, strategic alliances with foreign countries and gains in trade. Venusconjuncts Mars and Jupiter, which indicates power and wealth. The Lord of the 12th House,Moon is in the 7th House and retrograde All the 12 sunsigns can be classified under these elements such that there are three sun signs under each head. They fill the otherwisemundane life with some excitement, zaniness and beauty. Colours are also said to have a markedeffect on our sensibilities, feelings, moods etc.

That is why there is a noted alternative therapycalled as Colour Therapy.

Your Scorpio Horoscope For 12222 Is Here

Surround yourself with compatible colours, and see the differenceyourself. Various tones, moods, qualities and feelings can be associated with colours or colour groups likeReds are warm colours, Blues are cool ones while Greens are said to induce Zodiac PreferencesKnow the preferences of various zodiac signs. Find out which one makes the best shopping partner,and which one of them would make the best gymbuddy!

Also in store are the preferences ofvarious zodiac signs natives in terms of sports and health arena. ARIES :Initiating any activity comes naturally to these initiators of the zodiac, but the real challenge forthem lies in sustaining interest in it. Energy, initiative and enthusiasm are a given, but so areimpatience and wavering attention, when it comes to Rams. An Aries loves to be pronounced as afitness freak, and will also love to indulge in myriad sporting and physical exercise activities. But,then, they may not really be very consistent with these gym and playground escapades.

However,given their natural ebullience, they tend to The year ,more or less, was a roller-coaster ride for these people. There may have been times when youwanted to quit, but likelihood is that you held on. There may have been times when the darknessof disappointments might have been overwhelming, but then again, possibility is that you saw lightat the end of the tunnel and kept your faith alive. And at times, probably there was nothing to holdon to, but So, while you gamble with all that youve earned, youre still playing safe.

Its asif the universe will conspire to get you what you want and help you achieve success in whateveryou choose to accomplish. The ideal time, however Your strict exercise regimehas been a testimony to that. And, undoubtedly you have had fun too doing this and more. However, this may not have been the case when it came to following a good diet and getting itsresults. You may have tried your best, but likelihood is that you didnt succeed much. However, thisyear looks This is the House of inheritance, so there is a strongpossibility of inheritance in the year , says Ganesha You may be called on to be a trustee ornamed in someones will.

So one way or the other, there will be some sort of Your only focus this monthwill be on improving career and attaining your goals. Your ambitions will be so strong as todominate your personal world.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Astrology – Scorpio October Horscope

Your parents and other family members may not mind youroverzealous approach towards work; they might even be supportive of your They couldbe to do with your career, skirmishes with parents or undesirable changes on the personal front. Itwould not be wrong to say that the circumstances youll find yourself in this year shall bedramatically different from what they were back in Matters related to Career and Finance for Twins in the year You may look forward to a financially progressive year during which you will see an augmentationin your wealth, earnings and even the value of your property.

You may not see marked results,though, in the first half of the year, which shall only be the preparatory stage. But, post June 11th, your prosperous phase shall Thank your stars for the luck it brings you now. The 9th House of yourhoroscope will be extremely powerful from the 20th of the month.

But what brings However, allthe setbacks and hurdles you faced must have hardened your character. Consider this as apreparation for the difficult stages of life. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough getgoing. The challenges of the coming year Matters related to Career and Finance for Crabs in the year On the finance and career front, things will not change much from what they were last year, whichmeans that if they were satisfactory last year, they will be satisfactory this year too. And, if theywere not, they may continue to be the same again this year.

However, dont take this an excuse tobecome complacent. Keep giving your best, and It is also a period of yearly love peak, so most of the first month will be spent happily.

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If at all thereare complications in your love life, they could be because of children, lack of trust or Barring a few hitches, the year was, in all likelihood, a wonderful year for the Lions. Jupiter, the planet of plenty, made excellent aspects to the Sun, the ruler of your zodiac sign,during the first six months of the Matters related to Career and Finance for Lions in the year Mars, the planet of action, desire, and energy, is going to be in your money House for an unusuallylong period in the year Generally, one Mars transit is continued for one and half months.

Butin , the God of War will spend more than half of the year in this House. Therefore, the transitwill have a noticeable impact on your life, especially Month-by-month Forecast Leo - JANUARYThe year begins with an electrifying social experience, thanks to your planetary position thatmakes your western, social sector more dominant now. It literally means there are more parties,fun activities and thrilling times in store for you.

Singles also date more frequently and enjoy thecompany of the opposite sex. Later, on the 20th, In retrospect, thefirst 10 years of this century might have been very challenging for you. In all likelihood, there mayhave been some upheavals in your life.

scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks Scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks
scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks Scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks
scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks Scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks
scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks Scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks
scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks Scorpio monthly horoscope ganeshaspeaks

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